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We are committed to the protection and preservation of the precious gift of sight. Our entire staff will do everything possible to merit the confidence you show in our practice by allowing us to provide for your eye care needs. We are honored that you have entrusted your vision to us. Nothing is more important than your eyesight…that's the way the doctors of Eye Care Specialists see it!

EyeCare Specialists

Our Mission and Values

The staff of Eye Care Specialists is dedicated to the mission of providing the highest quality of specialized eye care to patients in a caring, personalized, and service-oriented environment. Our values are integral to Eye Care:

Eye Care

Our History

Eye Care Specialists is a state-of-the-art practice that initiated multi-specialty ophthalmology in Southeast Missouri. Ophthalmologists of our practice collaborate in the area of complex ophthalmologic conditions that warrant the expertise of physicians with fellowship training. Eye Care Specialists is progressive in being high-tech, while preserving a service-oriented focus in "caring for the needs of your special eyes."

In 1989, David Westrich, M.D. initiated a practice specializing in vitreoretinal disease and surgery. The practice grew from a single doctor's office to a multi-specialty ophthalmology practice with fellowship-trained surgeons and satellite locations in three states (Missouri, Illinois, and Kentucky). The name was changed to Eye Care Specialists in 1998 to encompass various divisions of clinical ophthalmology specialization.

Services include: Retinal with David J. Westrich, MD, FACS and Tatyana I. Metelitsina, MD; Corneal, LASIK, Glaucoma with D. Shawn Parker, MD, FACS; General Ophthalmology (in Poplar Bluff) with Brad Stuckenschneider, MD, FACS; and Low-vision with Michael J. Katich, OD.

Educating Our PatientsEducating our patients

The doctors of Eye Care Specialists recognize that patient education is an important part of patient care. The more educated our patients, the better you can communicate to your doctor the issues you are experiencing.

Patients and their families actively seek knowledge about their symptoms, diagnosis, and any and all available treatment. Information is abundantly available and can be overwhelming, especially online. There are literally thousands of websites devoted to every imaginable health topic. Unfortunately, not all information on the internet is complete or reliable. We want to ensure you can obtain information in a simple format from a trusted source.

Wespecialeyes.com Wespecialeyes.com has extensive information about eye conditions in a simple format of Condition–Symptoms–Treatment. The information we pass along to our patients is from our doctors and trusted sources such as the American Academy of Ophthalmology (AAO), the American Association for Pediatric Ophthalmology and Strabismus (AAPOS), and the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP).

Medical terminology can be intimidating. We strive to make the content we offer to patients easy to understand. If you come across a term highlighted in green, hover over the word for the definition of the term. We feature many videos throughout our site to better explain conditions and techniques for example, cataracts. Simply click on the highlighted word and a video will come into view for compatible browsers.

Caring for the Needs of Your Special Eyes


To meet our doctors, explore our services, or for helpful videos and information on eye conditions, please visit our website at wespecialeyes.com.


If you are looking for information specifically on LASIK surgery, please visit our subsidiary site, lasik4me.co. We've created this site especially for our patients interested in laser vision correction. This site should answer all of your questions to set you on the path to visual freedom!


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